Second Amendment Sisters of Massachusettsis an all-volunteer grassroots women's civil rights organization advocating and educating on the right of self defense and the role of the Second Amendment to our Constitution in protecting our inalienable pre-government-existing right to defense of self, family, community, state, country  and should it ever be necessary government tyranny. 

 Our Republic was created by our founders for We The People and We The People created our government to protect our individual liberties.  The government is our servant not our master. Unarmed citizens are subjects or slaves, not freemen.

We are all ages and backgrounds, ages range from 14 to 85, most with no experience and just learning and many who have gone on to  become  proud licensed armed citizens.   While not everyone will decide on that path, we believe every  American citizen, as early as possible,  should at least acquire a basic knowledge and ability to safely and properly handle and maintain a firearm.  Not only for your own defense needs, but also to be well-informed and vigilant as Ben Franklin warned us to be.   We want to clear up the myths and misinformation being passed out as common sense about the ability and right to bear arms.   Hope to see you!