Posted 5/3/2019     Written January 2019 by Jose Nino of the Mises Institute of Austrian Economics

How Gun Control Became an Instrument of Tyranny in Venezuela

​​Is Venezuela paying the price for adopting gun control?

The shocking nature of Venezuela’s economic collapse has been covered ad nauseam. However, one aspect of the Venezuelan crisis that does not receive much coverage is the country’s gun control regime.

Fox News recently published [5] an excellent article highlighting Venezuelan citizens’ regret over the gun control policies the Venezuelan government has implemented since 2012. Naturally, this regret is warranted. The Venezuelan government is among the most tyrannical in the world, with a proven track record of violating basic civil liberties [6] such as free speech, debasing [7] its national currency, confiscating [8] private property, and creating economic controls [9] that destroy the country’s productivity.

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